3 Times That Marvel Showed Us The Punisher Could Work In The MCU

Marvel has already shown us on 3 occasions now how The Punisher could work in the MCU, and here’s how they’ve done so.

The Punisher Thumb

The Punisher has yet to find his way into the MCU, but with both Daredevil and Kingpin having recently made their debuts following the Netflix series featuring them being cancelled, it’s just a matter of time before Frank Castle makes the move, too.

However, given his dark and violent nature, it’s still unclear how exactly he’ll work within the confines of the family friendly franchise. You can’t water him down as that would seriously hurt the character, but you also can’t have him dishing out his usual brand of vigilante justice when you need to keep a PG-13 rating in mind.

That being said, Marvel has already shown us on 3 separate occasions now how The Punisher can work in the MCU, and you can continue reading below to find out when and how they’ve done so.

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