Anthony Mackie Reveals Which Avenger He’d Take To A Deserted Island

Anthony Mackie has revealed which Avenger he’d take with him to a deserted island, and his answer may surprise you.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Thumb

Anthony Mackie has revealed which Avenger he’d take with him if he were to travel to a deserted island for a couple of days, and it’s none other than Sebastian Stan, his Falcon and the Winter Soldier co-star.

“I would say Lizzle Olsen because I love to laugh at her because she’s a funny human being, but you know, everywhere I go, I take Sebastian. He’s my right hand,” Mackie said in a video answering the questions of fans. “I’m sorry for being for unsurprising but that’s my dude, so if I’m going to a deserted island for five days, I’m gonna take my dude. We could do some fishing, drink a few coconuts. It’d be great.”

While the two actors constantly poke fun at one another in press interviews and other public settings, they’re actually good friends in real life and clearly they’re pretty close if Mackie says he’d take the Bucky Barnes actor with him to a deserted island.

Whether they ever end up on a vacation together remains to be seen, of course, but you’ll see them teaming up on screen once more when Anthony Mackie returns alongside Stan for Captain America 4.