The Best Superhero Movie That Everyone Forgets About Is Soaring On Disney Plus

A superhero movie that gets forgotten about these days is now soaring up the Disney Plus charts as tons of people check it out.

Unbreakable Thumb

Even though it’s a fantastic film and one that perfectly deconstructed and reinvented the typical tropes of the genre, Unbreakable doesn’t get talked about very much these days when it comes to superhero movies.

That’s probably because it doesn’t hail from Marvel or DC and thus doesn’t fall under the MCU or DCEU umbrellas. But it’s still an excellent piece of filmmaking that holds up even in today’s age of over-blown CGI extravaganzas. Perhaps that’s why it’s now finding new life over on Disney Plus, where it was sitting as the 45th most-watched movie as of yesterday.

Following an “ordinary man who makes an extraordinary discovery when a train accident leaves his fellow passengers dead and him unscathed,” it spawned 2 sequels in the form of Split and Glass. But neither of them were as good as the original and it’s great to see it now getting a chance in the spotlight again over on Disney Plus.

Source: FlixPatrol