Blade Rumored To Appear In [SPOILERS] Before His Own Solo Movie

Blade is coming to the MCU, that we know, but it seems we’ll be seeing him before his own solo movie, and here’s where.

Blade Thumb

Blade is on his way to the MCU, but it seems he’ll be making a quick stop somewhere else before appearing in his own solo movie.

According to a new report, the beloved Daywalker will first turn up in Werewolf by Night, the upcoming Disney Plus project which will introduce us to the titular character. And it makes perfect sense, given both heroes’ supernatural elements and the fact that they’re expected to go on to form the Midnight Sons down the road.

It’s still not terribly clear how Blade will factor into things or how big of a role he’ll have, but it’s sounding like you should definitely expect to see him appear in Werewolf by Night.

Source: The Cosmic Circus