Disney Plus May’ve Teased Jessica Jones’ Role In She-Hulk

Some Disney Plus users think that the streamer is teasing the return of Jessica Jones in She-Hulk, and here’s why.

Jessica Jones Thumb

Did Disney Plus just tease Jessica Jones returning in She-Hulk? Perhaps, but it’s certainly a stretch to assume so based on the evidence available.

As some subscribers have begun to notice, the page for A.K.A. Jessica Jones on the platform has been updated and under the “Suggested” section is She-Hulk. Of course, that’s far from confirmation of anything, but it’s worth noting that the only other MCU show not produced by Marvel Studios to include She-Hulk in this section is Daredevil, and we already know that Matt Murdock is indeed returning in the series.

Again, not a real confirmation that Jessica will be back, but it certainly does lend credence to those rumors that it’s just a matter of time before we see her again. Be it in She-Hulk or somewhere else.

Source: The Direct