Disney Plus Reveals New MCU Chronological Watch Order

Disney Plus has revealed a brand new chronological watch order for the MCU, including movies, TV shows and One-Shots.

Loki Thumb

With the MCU continuing to expand at an alarming rate, it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of everything and figure out the correct chronological order that the various movies and shows take place in. Which is why this new image from Disney Plus is so handy.

Seen down below is an updated graphic revealing the proper order in which to watch the MCU project chronologically, and it includes films, TV series and even One-Shots. However, it only accounts for what’s on the streaming platform at the moment, so don’t expect to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies on there.

Of course, it’s not truly complete without the Spidey flicks and The Incredible Hulk, but it still offers up a pretty good idea of how everything fits together in the MCU and how you should approach the various projects if you want to view them in chronological order.

Source: The Direct