Jon Bernthal Reportedly Set To Return As The MCU’s Punisher

According to reputable leaker MyTimeToShineH, Jon Bernthal is set to return as the MCU’s Punisher in an unspecified project.

The Punisher Thumb

Following Matt Murdock’s return in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it looks like another Netflix hero might be about to make a comeback.

For years now it’s been rumored that Jon Bernthal will be seen as The Punisher again and while Marvel has yet to officially announce something on that front, reputable leaker @MyTimeToShineH claims that he will indeed be back. Though they don’t say in which project we’ll first see him.

Of course, Moon Knight seems like it’d be a good fit, while the upcoming Blade movie could work, too. But wherever he shows up, just knowing that Bernthal is set to return as The Punisher is hugely exciting.