Kang’s Phase 4 Introduction Causes A Big Problem For Avengers 5

Kang’s Phase 4 introduction in Disney Plus’ Loki causes a big problem for Avengers 5, and here’s why that is.

Kang Thumb

Kang the Conqueror’s (Jonathan Majors) introduction in Loki was a big moment for the MCU, especially as he’s going to play a very important role in the franchise moving forward. But it also creates a bit of a problem for Avengers 5.

Of course, that film isn’t even confirmed just yet, but it’s obviously going to happen and if it does indeed involve Kang as the next major crossover villain, which it likely will, it could cause an issue for the franchise. And you can continue reading down below for why Avengers 5 might run into a bit of trouble due to He Who Remains.

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