Leaked Ms. Marvel Set Photos Spoil Spider-Man Connection

Some new photos from the set of Ms. Marvel have leaked online and they seem to spoil a pretty big Spider-Man connection.

Spider-Man Tom Holland Thumb

You wouldn’t think that the upcoming Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home would share any connections, but it turns out that they do.

As seen in the leaked set photos below, the E.D.I.T.H. drones from the aforementioned sequel, which were used by Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio, will make a return. They aren’t identical to the ones in Far From Home, but they do seem to have the same diamond emblem on them.

See for yourself below:

How these drones will factor into Ms. Marvel is anyone’s guess, and you’ve also gotta wonder whether the connections to Far From Home will run even deeper than this. Thankfully, though, we’ll find out soon enough, as the new MCU series should be with us later this year.

Source: The Direct