Marvel Almost Brought Back [SPOILERS] For She-Hulk’s Finale

She-Hulk’s finale was packed full of cameos as it was, but the team behind the show almost brought back one more familiar face.

She-Hulk Thumb

She-Hulk‘s finale brought us a whole lot of exciting moments, including several big cameos. And if the showrunners had stuck to their original plan, we could’ve also seen 1 more – and it would’ve been a pretty surprising one.

According to director Kat Coiro, Marvel entertained the idea of having Ed Norton return for a brief scene, but the idea was ultimately nixed.

“There was a lot of talk about the fact that the last time they were together a different actor was playing the Hulk. And Mark [Ruffalo] made quite a few jokes about that. And we did entertain the idea of swapping Mark out for Edward Norton. But that did not come to pass.”

Of course, Marvel Studios and Norton didn’t get along too well back on The Incredible Hulk, so it’s easy to see why they may have been hesitant to involve him in the series. Even if it was just for a small cameo.

Still, the She-Hulk finale delivered everything we were hoping for and more and we can only hope that we’ll get a Season 2.

Source: The Direct