Moon Knight Already Has A Connection To Another MCU Hero

It turns out Moon Knight already has a connection to another MCU hero despite not having debuted in the franchise yet.

Moon Knight Thumb

The Moon Knight trailer that debuted last night has got the internet buzzing and understandably so. And while there’s still a lot that we don’t know about the character, he seemingly already has a connection to another MCU hero.

As Express points out, the footage we saw in the preview featured a British museum and as you’ll know, Dane Whitman was also seen in a British museum in Eternals. The outlet speculates that it’s the same one and given that both Moon Knight and Whitman’s Black Knight try to “save innocent people while tackling ancient magic,” they’d make for the perfect team.

Not to mention that in the Eternals post-credits scene, Whitman hears a spooky voice that belongs to none other than Blade, which is probably a tease for the formation of the MCU’s Midnight Sons. And for those who don’t know, that comic book team featured the Daywalker alongside Moon Knight.

So, once again, there are already a bunch of connections in place here and you can bet that at some point we’ll be seeing Oscar Isaac’s hero fighting alongside Blade and Black Knight.

Source: Express