Moon Knight Episode 2 Introduced 2 Deep Cut Characters

Moon Knight Episode 2 introduced not 1, but 2 deep cut characters from the comics, and here’s who they are.

Moon Knight Thumb

Moon Knight Episode 2 kept the momentum going this week with the introduction of Mr. Knight, a deeper look at what Ethan Hawke’s mysterious villain is truly after and even some interesting insight into Marc Spector’s backstory. But it also introduced 2 deep cut characters.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself below:

Yes, as noted above, Bobbi and Billy appeared in the episode in the role of Arthur Harrow’s followers. As Decider explains:

Two of Arthur’s agents, a couple of cops who serve Ammit over any sort of justice, arrest Steven and deliver him right to his enemy’s metaphorical front door. As revealed in the credits, those officers are Bobbi Kennedy and Billy Fitzgerald (David Ganly). Once again, a pair of characters named Bobby and Billy are a big part of Lemire’s influential Moon Knight run. In the comics, they also serve Ammit and work as orderlies/enforcers in a mental hospital imprisoning Marc Spector. They have new day jobs now that they’re in the MCU, but their careers — serving an Egyptian demoness — remain the same.

So, it’s a bit of a departure from their role in the comics, but it’s nice to see them showing up in Moon Knight regardless.