Moon Knight Episode 3 Had A Sneaky Kang Easter Egg

It turns out Episode 3 of Moon Knight had a sneaky Kang Easter Egg, and here’s what it was and where to find it.

Kang Thumb

Though Moon Knight hasn’t had a whole lot of ties to the wider MCU and the many characters that inhabit it, Episode 3 did have a sneaky Easter Egg relating to Kang which you may’ve missed.

As you can see down below, a jacket worn by one of the thugs Marc Spector is chasing after sports a design that looks like a “pharaoh’s head without a face on the front of it, surrounded by teal and purple color spots.” Marvel fans will obviously recognize these as being reminiscent of the colors sported by Kang the Conqueror.

What’s more is that the head of the pharaoh seen here also has a tie to Kang, with The Direct explaining:

In the comics, 31st-century scientist Nathaniel Richards, better known as Kang, utilized robots and time travel to go back to Ancient Egypt, taking a new place in that civilization as Pharaoh Rama-Tut. The design on the back of the Moon Knight jacket is made to resemble Rama-Tut, including a headpiece that’s identical to the one that Richards wears in Avengers (Vol. 7) #4.

Moon Knight will return with a new episode this Wednesday, only on Disney Plus.

Source: The Direct