Moon Knight Episode 5 Has A Heartbreaking Callback To Episode 1

Moon Knight Episode 5 had a heartbreaking callback to Episode 1, and most MCU fans probably completely missed it.

Moon Knight Thumb

The latest episode of Moon Knight had a pretty crushing callback to the series premiere, as we now know why Steven cared so deeply about his pet fish.

As explains it:

 “Asylum” showed that Marc Spector’s little brother Randall drew a picture of a goldfish with one small fin on the day that ended up changing the Spector family’s life forever. Essentially, drawing the picture of Gus the fish ended up being the last activity that Randall did before he died in an accident. Marc was tasked with looking out for his brother while exploring caves near their house. Rain began to pour down and quickly overtook the boys. The younger sibling died from the accident and Marc’s mother Wendy holds it against Marc for the rest of her life. It’s heartbreaking to watch on-screen.

Of course, this heartbreaking callback is far from the only thing that has fans buzzing in regards to Moon Knight Episode 5, as there’s a lot to discuss coming out of it. And at this point, we simply cannot wait to see what comes next for the hero and his origin story in the MCU.