Moon Knight May’ve Introduced An Iconic Marvel Location

Amidst everything going on in Moon Knight’s opening episode, you might’ve missed the introduction of an iconic Marvel location.

Moon Knight Thumb

Moon Knight touched down on Disney Plus this week and gave us a lot to mull over in just the first episode alone. But 1 thing you may’ve missed was the introduction of an iconic Marvel location.

We’re talking about the country of Latveria, which is home to none other than Doctor Doom. And the moment in question comes when Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) blacks out and wakes up in a strange new locale.

It’s a small European village and as points out, there are “some key details that seem to hint this could be Latveria.”

The gun-toting goons wear purple and green color schemes that could be Doom’s signature look; Grant also runs by what is clearly a castle in the background of one shot. A castle, a chateau, and a town with an old-world feel and a populace willing to fall in line behind a charismatic leader? Yeah, definitely could be Latveria.

Moon Knight continues with a new episode next Wednesday, only on Disney Plus.