Moon Knight Messed Up Again With A Hilarious Goof

Episode 4 of Moon Knight has messed up with a rather hilarious goof being spotted in one of the scenes, and here’s what it is.

Moon Knight Thumb

Moon Knight has already messed up once, with a rather humorous goof in Episode 3. And now it’s gone ahead and made another one.

As you can see in the gallery below, the latest installment features a scene where Steven’s looking for another exit from the tomb and as he peers over the banister to chat with Layla, we can clearly see the leg of a crew member at the edge of the frame.

Like the previous goof, this isn’t going to ruin your viewing experience – at least, we don’t think it will – but it still is amusing to discover that Disney has let 2 mistakes slip by in a row with Moon Knight. And we wouldn’t be surprised at this point if a few more popped up as well.

Source: The Direct