Moon Knight Spoiled Marc’s Third Identity And We All Missed It

It turns out Moon Knight spoiled Marc Spector’s third identity and we all missed it, and here’s how it did so.

Moon Knight Thumb

Moon Knight has already introduced us to a few of the titular hero’s identities in its 4 episodes that have been released thus far, but it turns out that the third one may have been spoiled and we all missed it.

The moment comes in the most recent outing, when Marc and Layla reach the tomb of Ammit, where they come across the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great. As explains it:

In order the find Ammit’s ushtabi, or the little figure the Egyptian gods imprison each other in, Marc–er Steven Grant, to be exact–digs his hand down Alexander’s throat. Understandably nervous, the series cuts quick to a reflection seen in the side of the golden sarcophagus, which seemingly reveals a third identity played by Isaac.

That’s right, appearing to don a mustache and all, it looks like Moon Knight may have already introduced fans to Jake Lockley, the third identity Moon Knight has known to go by. Should that be the case, all three of the character’s identities will have, in fact, appeared in the series.

Moon Knight continues next Wednesday, only on Disney Plus.