Moon Knight Teased An Iconic Marvel Character And We All Missed It

The first episode of Moon Knight teased an iconic Marvel character, and it seems that most fans missed it.

Moon Knight Thumb

Moon Knight has finally arrived and at long last the MCU has welcomed the hero. But it wasn’t only him who entered the franchise with the show’s debut, as the first episode teased another important character.

At one point in the premiere, we see Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant coming across some of Marc Spector’s possessions and among them is a cell phone. When he opens it and scrolls through the missed calls, one of the names we see is Duchamp, which is obviously Jean-Paul Duchamp, “a long-time supporting character that often goes by “Frenchie” in the comics. In the Marvel source material, Duchamp can be seen as a retired soldier who now helps Moon Knight during his vigilantism, often piloting his aircraft and other such vessels.”

Of course, we don’t yet know if we’ll see Duchamp show up in the flesh at any point in Moon Knight, but at least we can now confirm that he’s out there somewhere in the MCU.