Ms. Marvel’s Post-Credits Scene Ties Into Spider-Man: No Way Home

The post-credits scene for Ms. Marvel Episode 1 ties into Spider-Man: No Way Home, and here’s how it does so.

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If you’ve seen Ms. Marvel Episode 1, you’ll know that it has a post-credits scene. Or, to be more specific, a mid-credits scene. And what it brings us actually ties into Spider-Man: No Way Home.

For those who may not’ve caught it yet, though, first let’s dive into a little recap of what exactly this stinger involves, with Decider describing it as so:

The scene opens on a basic looking break room for a generic law enforcement agency. One agent is looking at an alert on her phone. She tells her fellow agent that something happened with a teenage girl at AvengerCon. He’s skeptical at first, saying it’s probably a “cosplayer with too much time on their hands.” She says no, she’s “never seen powers like that” and then shows him the footage of Kamala saving Zoe’s life with her glowy powers. His response: “Yeah, bring her in.”

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So, how does this connect to No Way Home? Well, the agents we see here are part of the DODC — the Department of Damage Control. Moreover, Agent P. Cleary, played by Arian Moayed, appeared in the aforementioned movie as the “lead DODC agent in charge of investigating Mysterio’s claim that he was killed by Spider-Man.”

And, of course, the DODC themselves stretch all the way back to Spider-Man: Homecoming, acting as the government agency which “took all the business away from Vulture’s salvage and clean-up crew. Now they’re going into New Jersey to see who’s making a mess in Jersey City.”

We’ll have to continue watching Ms. Marvel to see where these DODC connections ultimately lead to, but having them appear is certainly an interesting way to plant some seeds in the first episode of the show.

Source: Decider

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