She-Hulk Almost Included 2 Bizarre Daredevil Characters

According to The Direct, She-Hulk almost included 2 bizarre Daredevil characters, and here’s who they were.

Daredevil Thumb

With She-Hulk now over, we’ve begun to learn about some of the original plans that were scrapped, and apparently that includes 2 Daredevil characters.

According to, Stilt-Man and The Matador were both set to appear at some point. While somewhat obscure, diehard fans may still recognize them as familiar faces from the Daredevil comics. And though it’s unlikely that they would’ve made a big impact on the Disney Plus series, having them turn up even for a brief cameo would certainly have been a nice nod to the source material.

But it just wasn’t meant to be, it seems. And besides, She-Hulk was packed full of enough surprising, fun and exciting cameos as it was.