She-Hulk Episode 6 Explained Why Daredevil Hasn’t Appeared Yet

Daredevil hasn’t appeared on She-Hulk yet, and Episode 6 of the series explained why that is. But expect him soon.

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She-Hulk is going to feature an appearance from Daredevil, that much we know. But he hasn’t turned up just yet and Episode 6 explained why that is.

Last week, the fifth installment heavily teased the return of Matt Murdock, so folks were certainly surprised when he didn’t have a role in the latest episode. But the opening scene perfectly explained why he was absent, with Jennifer Walters breaking the fourth wall to tell us that it would be a “self-contained wedding episode” at an “inconvenient time in the season” because “that’s how weddings always are:”

“Yes, it’s a self-contained wedding episode,” she said. “And if you think this is happening at an inconvenient time in the season, you’re right. ’Cause, that’s how weddings always are. But I’m gonna look great so let’s go.”

So, there you have it. But fear not, for the Man Without Fear will be back on our screens soon enough as She-Hulk continues with a new episode next Thursday.

Source: The Direct

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