She-Hulk Episode 6 Had A Sneaky Age Of Ultron Connection

It turns out She-Hulk Episode 6 had a sneaky connection to Avengers: Age of Ultron, and here’s what it was.

She-Hulk Thumb

Eagle-eyed Marvel viewers have caught a sneaky Avengers: Age of Ultron connection in the latest episode of She-Hulk.

If you’ll recall, in the most recent installment Nikki Ramos stumbles upon a website called Intelligencia, an “online hate group chiefly concerned with spewing insults and invectives towards specific sections of the population.” While the name Intelligencia might not ring a bell at first, it’s actually an organization that dates all the way back to Age of Ultron.

In that film, the titular heroes find a file about Andy Serkis’ Ulysses Klaue and listed under his past affiliations is – you guessed it – Intelligencia. See for yourself below:

So, there you have it. A sneaky but possibly important connection between the 2 projects. And we’ll find out if it leads to anything more when She-Hulk drops another new episode this week.

Source: The Direct