She-Hulk Episode 8 Has Some Great Daredevil Callbacks You May’ve Missed

Daredevil returned in She-Hulk Episode 8 and the show featured some great callbacks that you may’ve missed.

Daredevil Thumb

At long last, Matt Murdock is back on our screens.

Well, he did return briefly in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but he didn’t get a chance to suit up. Thankfully, then, She-Hulk corrected that mistake by giving us a fantastic appearance from the Man Without Fear in today’s episode.

Indeed, fans are going crazy for Daredevil after the latest installment of the Disney Plus series saw him show up for what was another great installment, one which featured all sorts of callbacks to the hero’s history. And for some that you may’ve missed, you can continue reading down below.

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