She-Hulk Might’ve Just Teased The Return Of [SPOILERS]

She-Hulk Episode 3 may’ve hinted at the return of a big Marvel villain, and here’s who it could be and how they were teased.

She-Hulk Thumb

The latest installment of She-Hulk is now here and may’ve teased a major villain who we’ve seen before – but not for a long time.

When we see Jen fighting off the Wrecking Crew and they take off into the van, one of the members is asked if he “got it” or not – referring to a vial of the titular heroine’s blood. He says that he wasn’t able to pierce her skin and another individual remarks that their boss won’t be happy with them as they failed the mission.

It’s still unclear who, exactly, this boss could be, but it seems likely that it’s Samuel Sterns/The Leader, who’s closely tied to the Wrecking Crew in the comics and also appeared previously in The Incredible Hulk, played by Tim Blake Nelson. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s indeed The Leader who was teased this week in She-Hulk, but we should find out soon enough.