The 1 Thing Marvel Is Trying To Avoid In Future MCU Projects

The MCU has done a lot of things right up until this point, but there’s apparently 1 thing that Marvel is trying to actively avoid now.

Moon Knight Thumb

While it could be argued that Marvel Studios can do no wrong, it seems that there’s still at least 1 thing that they’re trying to avoid moving forward.

Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac was recently asked about the show’s London setting and said that it was because the studio execs feel like they’ve got too many New York-based characters in the MCU.

“Well, it was set in London and when I asked why, it was like, ‘We just have too many characters in New York…’ So, it seems like, let’s just change it up… “

He’s not wrong. Indeed, tons of MCU projects are set in the Big Apple with many of the franchise’s heroes calling it home. So switching things up for Moon Knight will definitely be a nice change of pace.

Source: The Direct