The 10 MCU Villains Most Likely To Show Up In Spider-Man 4

With Spider-Man 4 basically confirmed at this point, here are 10 villains who could appear in the MCU movie.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Thumb

Spider-Man: No Way Home opened up a ton of possibilities for where future outings for the web-slinger can go. But one thing that seems a certainty is that Peter will be in college the next time he headlines his own solo effort and given that he’ll be grown up, he’ll also have some tougher opponents to face.

Indeed, there are still a ton of great villains that have yet to come across the web-slinger in the MCU – some who we’ve already seen and some who are yet to be introduced. And for a full rundown on which baddies we may see in Spider-Man 4, you can continue reading down below.

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