The Defenders Shows Aren’t On Marvel’s Official MCU Timeline

The Defenders series may now be on Disney Plus after moving from Netflix, but they still aren’t on Marvel’s official MCU timeline.

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At long last, we finally have all of the various Defenders shows on Disney Plus, and fans couldn’t be happier about it.

To see them on the same streaming service as the other MCU series is great, no doubt, but it appears as if Marvel still doesn’t view them as official canon. As points out, the streaming site’s MCU timeline currently does not include any of the titles, be it DaredevilJessica Jones or the others.

While it’s possible that they just haven’t gotten around to adding them yet, it’s more likely that they don’t plan to have them on there as they probably would’ve put them on before they arrived. As such, it looks like the studio still doesn’t consider these shows part of the franchise’s official timeline. Which is certainly surprising given that we’ve already started to see some of the Defenders-related characters cross over into the MCU proper.