The Moon Knight Trailer Featured A Sneaky Avengers Callback

It turns out that the Moon Knight trailer featured a sneaky callback to The Avengers, and here’s what it is.

Moon Knight Thumb

The first trailer for Moon Knight gave fans lots to chew on, and while most of it has been discussed and dissected already, it seems there was at least 1 callback which slipped by most people.

If you’ll recall, at 1 point we see Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow in front of a crowd that’s kneeling before him. Which is pretty similar to another MCU moment. Particularly, the scene in The Avengers where Loki has a large group of people doing the same. Not only that, but in each scene, there’s 1 man standing up.

Of course, there’s probably no real connection between these 2 MCU moments, but it’s a nice callback all the same and we can’t wait to see what other Easter Eggs and references Moon Knight brings us.

Source: The Direct