The Ms. Marvel Trailer Had An Ant-Man Easter Egg We All Missed

The Ms. Marvel trailer that dropped earlier today had a little Ant-Man Easter Egg that everyone seemed to miss.

Ms. Marvel Thumb

A brand new trailer for Ms. Marvel soared onto the web earlier today and it turns out that it had a small Ant-Man-related Easter Egg which we all missed.

As seen in the gallery down below, at one point Kamala’s notebook is shown and in it is a humorous drawing depicting a battle between Ant-Man and Man-Ant. It’s not likely to have any impact on the plot and will probably go unnoticed by most, but it’s a funny little nod to the hero for those who catch it.

Ms. Marvel will land on Disney Plus on June 8th, and after that recent trailer, we can’t wait to meet the titular heroine.

Source: Twitter