The Next Spider-Man Trilogy Will Set A New MCU Record

It’s all but confirmed that we’re getting another Spider-Man trilogy with Tom Holland, and it’s going to set a new MCU record.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Thumb

While Marvel and Sony haven’t officially confirmed it just yet, it’s pretty much a certainty that we’re getting another trilogy of Spider-Man movies, with Spider-Man 4and rumored to be in the works. And if that happens, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will set a new record for the MCU.

The record in question is the most solo films in any one franchise. So far, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor hold the throne, with each one receiving 3 movies dedicated to them. Of course, the latter will get a fourth with Thor: Love and Thunder, but it’s unlikely he’ll be handed a fifth. And even if he is, Spidey will still surpass him once the new trilogy is complete.

Not that it’s a competition, mind you, but as arguably the MCU’s most popular hero, it only makes sense for Spider-Man to get the most solo efforts.

Source: ScreenRant