The She-Hulk Trailer May’ve Secretly Included Daredevil

The first She-Hulk trailer that dropped this week may’ve secretly included Daredevil, and most MCU fans probably missed it.

Daredevil-Matt-Murdock Thumb

Is Daredevil going to appear in She-Hulk?

It’d make sense for a variety of reasons and the recent trailer that dropped for the series may’ve actually included him. Just not in his usual costume.

In the teaser, we catch a glimpse of a hero known as Frog-Man, and while we may be reading too much into things, The Direct has pointed out that there’s comic book precedence for Matt Murdock suiting up as Frog-Man. Indeed, in Daredevil #11 from 1965, Murdock disguises himself using the hero’s costume and while it might be a stretch to assume that’s what’s going on in She-Hulk as well, you never know…

Source: The Direct