There Are 2 Thor And Loki Variants That We’ll Never See In The MCU

There are 2 Loki and Thor variants that we probably won’t ever see in the MCU, and here’s which ones they are.

Loki Thumb

Variants of iconic MCU characters are about to become pretty plentiful in the franchise, and we’ve already seen a few of them pop up. But there are at least 2 variants that we’re confident we won’t be seeing at any point on our screens, and they’re Sore and Hokey, knock-off versions of Thor and Loki.

Largely unknown and completely absurd, these two were introduced in Not Brand Echh, a series of spoof comics released by Marvel in 1967. It’s here where we first met Sore and Hokey and for a full rundown on who they are and why they’ll never make it into the MCU, you can continue reading below.

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