When Spider-Man: No Way Home Starts Streaming On Disney Plus

MCU fans are no doubt wondering when Spider-Man: No Way Home will begin streaming on Disney Plus, and here’s our best guess.

Spider-Man-No-Way-Home Thumb

When does Spider-Man: No Way Home hit Disney Plus? It’s a popular question and one that unfortunately doesn’t have an easy answer.

You see, the threequel has a long journey ahead of it before arriving on the world’s biggest streaming platform. First, it needs to reach VOD and Starz, and it probably won’t hit the former until early March before checking into Starz sometime in Summer 2022.

Following that, Spider-Man: No Way Home will have to remain an exclusive on Starz for a little bit – probably about 18 months – and depending on how things play out, The Direct predicts that it could be early 2024 before it reaches Disney Plus.

But then again, a lot can change between now and then and as such, it’s hard to say exactly when we’ll see it. In short, though, it’s going to be a sizable wait, unfortunately.

Source: The Direct