2022 Will Feature 4 Different Batmen On The Big Screen

This year will see no less than 4 Batmen suit up and take to the skies on the big screen, meaning DC fans are in for a treat.

Batman Returns Thumb

This year, DC fans will be getting no less than 4 big screen versions of Batman, and how exciting is that?

First up, we’ve got Robert Pattinson’s take in The Batman, which will be followed by an “unnamed actor playing the role in the animated DC League of Super-Pets.” We know that Diego Luna, Keanu Reeves, Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz are all in the film but haven’t had their parts confirmed, so perhaps one of them could be voicing this take on the Dark Knight? Time will tell.

Following that, we’ve then got The Flash, which will, of course, bring us Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s takes on Batman. And in total, that brings the count to 4. Now the question is which one will be most popular among fans?

Source: ComicBook.com