DC Will Reportedly Have 4 Live-Action Dick Graysons By 2023

If recent reports turn out to be true, then DC may have 4 different Dick Graysons in live-action by 2023, which is a lot.

Titans Thumb

It looks like we’ll be seeing a whole lot of Dick Grayson in live-action pretty soon. In fact, we’ll have 4 versions by the end of 2023 if recent reports pan out.

Of course, there’s already one in Titans, while Gotham Knights is set to introduce another. Add to that one from the DCEU (likely to debut in Batgirl) and another who’s supposedly going to turn up in The Batman 2, and that gives you 4.

Of course, some may say that’s overkill, and it probably is. But DC has shown that they don’t mind having multiple versions of their heroes running around our screens and it’ll be interesting to see who ends up portraying all the new iterations of Dick Grayson.

Source: Twitter