Eric Dane Says He Wore A Prosthetic For Cal’s Big Breakdown In Euphoria

Eric Dane confirms that he wore a prosthetic for Cal’s big breakdown scene in last night’s episode of Euphoria.

Cal Euphoria Thumb

Last night’s episode of Euphoria was a big one for the character of Cal, with a stunning meltdown scene seeing him go completely off the rails. It was one of the show’s best moments yet, and apparently took an entire day to shoot.

But it was also notable because Cal had his penis dangling out of his pants the entire time. As suspected, though, it was a prosthetic and wasn’t real. Speaking to ET Online, actor Eric Dane confirmed as much, saying:

“You have got to really be careful with that thing and make sure you clamp it down before you tuck it away.” He also added that “Sam and the cast were super supportive.”

Euphoria continues this Sunday with a new episode.

Source: ET Online