Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney Says She Was Super Nervous About The Oklahoma Outfit

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has opened up on that Oklahoma outfit she wore in Episode 3, saying it made her super nervous.

Sydney Sweeney Thumb

In last night’s episode of Euphoria, we got a rather hilarious scene involving Sydney Sweeney’s Cassie, where we see her developing an unusual routing to deal with her feelings for Nate. And it involves her making herself all pretty for him by waking up at 4am every day to “shower, exfoliate, scrub, shave, buff, treat, moisturize, etc.”

At one point, she even comes to school wearing a rather interesting outfit, one that has Rue questioning if she’s auditioning for the new musical Oklahoma!. And it turns out this moment made Sweeney pretty nervous.

“Well what was crazy was that was our first scene after coming back for Season 2,” said the actress. “So I had to somehow figure out how far am I gonna take it because this is Episode 3. We’re almost halfway through Cassie’s [season-long] breakdown, so that I knew exactly how to map out her buildup to that and then continue it forward. So it was a lot of making sure [that] I found the exact [tonal] placement for Cassie.”

“It’s also nervous because you’re back, it’s the first day and her outfit was just…[laughs] What got me the most was the hair. The hair got me the most. Just how big it was.”

Euphoria continues with a new episode on HBO this Sunday.

Source: Decider