Euporia Star Ansel Pierce Says He Didn’t Use A Prosthetic For His Nude Scene

Euphoria star Ansel Pierce has opened up on his nude scene in the show, saying he didn’t use a prosthetic for it.

Euphoria Thumb

Ansel Pierce may’ve only been on Euphoria for a minute – maybe not even – but he’s already gone viral for his quick cameo due to the full frontal nudity on display. And no, he didn’t use a prosthetic.

If you’ll recall, the actor showed up in the premiere and was seen sitting on the toilet totally exposed. And over on TikTok, he opened up on the scene, saying:

“Yes, that is me in the bathroom. Not a prosthetic, got a lot of questions! The amount of TikToks, tweets, the fu*king Reddit board that’s analyzing every little piece of the scene. This is mind-blowing. I’m laughing my ass off over here. So, please, if you find funny tweets, anything referencing this shit, send it my way. This is making my entire fu*king day. I am cracking up right now.”

Euphoria continues this Sunday on HBO.

Source: Decider