Matt Reeves Confirms Insane Riddler Easter Egg From The Batman

Director Matt Reeves has confirmed an insane Easter Egg from The Batman involving the Riddler, and here’s what it is.

The Batman Thumb

Director Matt Reeves has confirmed a pretty crazy Easter Egg from The Batman, one that involves the Riddler.

At the 31:55 mark of the film, as part of an “establishing shot of the Gotham City streets outside the Iceberg Lounge,” we can see the villain in his apartment. He’s “silhouetted by a light in the window,” but his figure is still “visible as he watches and waits for his moment to kill Falcone.”

It’s something that not many caught, but as you can see below, Reeves has confirmed that this is indeed the Riddler that can be glimpsed in the shot.

The Batman is now streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Heroic Hollywood