Michael Keaton Was Paid A Crazy Amount For His Batgirl Cameo

A new story from The Hollywood Reporter reveals how much Michael Keaton was paid for his cameo in Batgirl.

Batman Returns Thumb

Unfortunately, Batgirl is no more, meaning we won’t get to see Michael Keaton’s Batman cross paths with the titular heroine on the big screen. However, the star got paid for his time even though the project was ultimately scrapped, and he made a killing.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to a source who claims that his role was little more than a “glorified cameo,” yet he still earned a whopping $2 million for his work. “If you want to get paid, you have to put on a cape,” said the source.

Knowing what we do about salaries for other big-time actors who suit up as superheroes, that actually doesn’t sound that crazy and we can only imagine how much he earned for reprising the role in The Flash.

Source: THR