New Batgirl Set Photo Reveals Wonder Woman 1984 Connection

A new Batgirl set photo has revealed a small but interesting connection to Wonder Woman 1984, and here’s what it is.

Wonder Woman 1984 Thumb

It looks like Batgirl is going to have at least 1 connection to Wonder Woman 1984. Though it’s hardly anything significant.

As you can see below, a new set photo from the HBO Max effort features a van with the company name Stagg Enterprises on the side. That may not mean much to you initially, but The Direct correctly points out that this is a reference to Batman villain Simon Stagg, who was seen in the aforementioned sequel, played by Oliver Cotton.

Like we said above, it’s nothing groundbreaking and most people probably won’t even pick up on it. But it does make us wonder what other small DCEU connections will be snuck into Batgirl.

Source: The Direct