One Of HBO Max’s Biggest Movies Ever Is Now Fighting For Netflix Success

One of HBO Max’s biggest movies ever is now fighting its way up the Netflix charts as it ropes in tons of subscribers.

Mortal Kombat Thumb

One of HBO Max‘s biggest success stories is now finding itself a winner over on Netflix, too.

We’re talking about the Mortal Kombat reboot, which touched down on the former streaming platform last year and left fans wildly pleased. And with talk of sequels and spinoffs continuing to heat up, it looks like the franchise is here to stay.

But now it’s also finding a new audience over on Netflix, where it sits as the 46th most popular film worldwide. Of course, those in the US will only be able to watch it on HBO Max, but its performance in the international territories that it’s available in has led to it surging up the charts this week.

Source: FlixPatrol