Peacemaker Featured A Black Adam Reference We All Missed

The latest episode of Peacemaker had a direct reference to Black Adam that we all missed, and here’s what it was.

Peacemaker Thumb

The latest episode of Peacemaker had a direct reference to Black Adam, but not too many people caught it.

As pointed out by a Reddit user, a police officer can be seen reading the news at one point and one headline has the words “Intergang” and “the nation of Kahndaq” in it. And in case you missed it, you can see for yourself below.

Of course, Intergang is a “criminal organization that has arms supplied by the New Gods of Apokolips,” while Kahndaq is the nation that Black Adam rules over. While this was likely nothing more than a sneaky Easter Egg for Peacemaker fans to pick up on, we also can’t help but get giddy with anticipation over the thought of the titular hero facing off with Teth-Adam.

Source: Reddit