Peacemaker Just Confirmed That A Major DC Character Is Bisexual

This week’s episode of Peacemaker confirmed that a major DC Comics character is bisexual, and here’s who it is.

Peacemaker Thumb

You might’ve missed it, but the latest episode of HBO Max’s Peacemaker confirmed that a major DC character is bisexual. And it’s none other than the titular hero himself.

If you’ll recall, we get to see Christopher Smith fight his father, the White Dragon. And in the midst of their battle, his dad steps on his chest and goes on about all the ways that Peacemaker has disappointed him, including saying that he “slept with the whores of polluted blood, and men.”

Of course, the series has hinted for a while now that Chris may be bisexual, but this is the first real confirmation we’ve gotten. And it’ll be interesting to see if this part of Peacemaker is explored any further in the finale or future DCEU appearances.