Peacemaker Just Name-Dropped A Very Bizarre DC Superhero

On the latest episode of Peacemaker, we got a name-drop of a very bizarre DC superhero that we definitely weren’t expecting.

Peacemaker Thumb

After name-dropping 1 obscure DC superhero last week, Peacemaker has now gone ahead and done it again this week, with the titular hero revealing that he once teamed up with Matter-Eater Lad.

For those unfamiliar – and we bet that’s a lot of you – Matter-Eater Lad was created by Jerry Siegel and John Forte in 1962’s Adventure Comics #303. He’s costumed character who, as you may’ve guessed, can eat all matter. And while he obviously isn’t one of DC’s marquee names, it’s still nice to see him getting referenced in Peacemaker.

In fact, after already acknowledging Doll-Man, Bat-Mite and now Matter-Eater Lad, we can’t wait to see who’s name-dropped next.