Peacemaker’s Finale Confirmed Another Big Hero Exists In The DCEU

Peacemaker’s finale on HBO Max today confirmed that another big hero exists in the DCEU, and here’s who it is.

Peacemaker Thumb

The finale of Peacemaker brought us a couple of surprises, including some massive cameos. But it also confirmed the existence of another hero in the DCEU.

At one point, Vigilante mentions Green Arrow, with the titular character then making fun of him by saying “that dude goes to Brony conventions dressed as the back half of Twilight Sparkle.” And while we don’t actually see Oliver Queen in the flesh, this is enough proof that he exists out there somewhere.

Whether we’ll get to meet him anytime soon is another matter entirely, but now that Peacemaker has confirmed his existence, he’s bound to show up eventually, right?