Titans Season 4 Will Reportedly Include A Legendary DC Villain

Season 4 of HBO Max’s Titans will reportedly include a legendary DC villain when it premieres, and here’s who it is.

Titans Thumb

We’ve already seen a couple of popular DC villains in Titans, and it seems Season 4 will be bringing us another one.

According to the folks at Illuminerdi, who have a pretty strong track record, none other than Lex Luthor will be involved in the next run. It’s said that he’ll appear closer to the start of Season 4, but how exactly he’ll get involved, and what he’ll be up to, remain unclear for now.

That being said, there are certainly enough seeds planted in the show for the writers to have some fun with where to take Lex and his inclusion in Titans can only be a good thing for the HBO Max series.

Source: The Illuminerdi