Will There Be A Euphoria Season 3?

Euphoria Season 2 wrapped up on HBO last night, but can fans expect the show to return for a third run next year?

Euphoria Thumb

With Euphoria Season 2 now complete, you may be wondering if you’ll ever see the show again, and the good news is you will, as HBO has already ordered another run.

There’s no premiere date set for it just yet, but the best guess for when it’ll arrive is mid-to-late 2023, or maybe even early 2024. After all, star Zendaya is hugely in demand these days and also has Dune 2 to contend with in the immediate future, not to mention a few other projects.

Still, you can rest assured that the Season 2 finale isn’t the last you’ll see of Rue and co. and Euphoria will indeed return.

Source: Decider