Review: Pam & Tommy Is A Fascinating Character Study With Excellent Performances

Pam & Tommy hits Hulu tomorrow and the first reviews are praising its performances from Sebastian Stan and Lily James.

Pam & Tommy Thumb

Pam & Tommy is one of the first big 2022 television releases and it looks like it’s a winner. At the time of writing, it’s at 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and critics are lavishing praise on Sebastian Stan and Lily James’ performances as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. And from the footage we’ve seen so far, it appears as if they’ve truly transformed themselves.

As far as the reviews go, Vulture claims the following:

It’s enough to satisfy that cultural-revisitation urge: the desire to be surprised by a story you thought you already knew.

Meanwhile, The Playlist writes:

At its best, it allows people to finally see Pam and Tommy, exposed.

Elsewhere, Sydney Morning Herald states:

James, Stan and Rogen are all magnetic in very different roles, and the series’ surface-level crassness belies its tender portrayal of Anderson.

CineXpress is also into the show, saying:

Lily James & Sebastian Stan are fantastic as Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee, with help of amazing hair & makeup work. Pacing is sharp, tone is wild & soundtrack is awesome. Cleverly explores invasion of privacy, celebrity life & the rise of the internet.

CNN, meanwhile, writes:

A lot of things here might be fake, but James’ performance feels real, in a manner that helps ground the whole exercise.

And finally, Empire says:

Lily James has put in the performance of her career in this compelling, crazier-than-fiction miniseries. But what of the cost to the real Pamela?

Pam & Tommy debuts on Hulu tomorrow.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes