2 Fantastic Netflix Shows Are Fighting For #1 On The Charts

2 fantastic shows are now battling for your attention on Netflix as they sit at #1 and #2 on the most-watched chart.

Archive 81 Thumb

There are 2 shows right now fighting for the #1 spot on Netflix, and they’re just about neck and neck.

Over the last week, Ozark pulled in 77M viewing hours, while Archive 81 drove in right behind it at 70.9M, with the 2 series sitting in first and second respectively on the most-watched TV shows chart. Meanwhile, way back in third is Season 3 of Too Hot To Handle, having earned 41.1M.

When it comes to Ozark and Archive 81, though, both are excellent but very different experiences. The former is a slow-burn drama/thriller that’s one of Netflix‘s most impressive projects, while the latter has become a sleeper hit, terrifying users with its supernatural story. In other words, both are worth your time.

Source: Netflix